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Midwifery Care

At Alabama Birth Center you will be seen by our professional Midwives throughout all of your prenatal appointments. 

What is Midwifery Care?

A midwife is a healthcare professional with specialized training in offering obstetric and gynecological services, encompassing primary care, prenatal and obstetric care, as well as routine gynecological services such as annual exams and contraception. They specialize in providing expert care for uncomplicated obstetric and gynecological conditions.

Why Midwifery Care?

What makes midwifery support so special
and why does Alabama need increased access to it?

They're experts in non-complicated pregnancies & birth

Midwives are experts in normal birth and adept at ensuring excellent outcomes for birthers and infants.

For many pregnant people, care with a midwife allows them to birth their way, safely and naturally, supported by the people they love.

Fewer complications at birth

Midwife-led maternity care results in reduced infant and maternal mortality and morbidity, fewer medical interventions, decreased costs, and improved client satisfaction.

Less likely to have a cesarean 

Numerous studies have shown that birthing with a midwife significantly decreases the need for cesarean delivery and risk of premature birth.

Midwives hold the key to optimal birthing practices and cesarean prevention.

Increased support for midwives in Alabama will contribute to a greater availability of midwives in the region.

The March of Dimes has labeled more than 1/3 of Alabama counties as maternity care deserts, lacking obstetricians or hospitals with labor and delivery units. Alabama also has the sixth highest infant mortality rate in the nation, with Black infants making up a disproportionate number of these deaths.

Above information is taken from Midwives Alliance of North America.

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