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About Us

Alabama Birth Center is a nurturing and holistic healthcare facility dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive maternity care. Our center is staffed by skilled professionals, including a midwife, who prioritize a woman-centered approach to childbirth. We offer a welcoming environment for expectant mothers, emphasizing natural birthing options and a supportive community.

At Alabama Birth Center, we strive to create a safe and empowering space for the beautiful journey of pregnancy and childbirth.


Our Story

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our mission

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Alabama Birth Center was created because we believe in making a safe space for families to welcome their new babies into the world.  If you share this vision, help us make it a reality!

People who desire out-of-hospital births have few options. There is a growing demand for midwifery care; however, this care is not readily available for those with limited resources as these services are usually paid out-of-pocket. We seek to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all persons, and to remove the barriers that have led to midwifery-based care becoming a service that is unavailable to low-income families.

This center will be a resource for the community, providing lactation support, childbirth education, family-centered prenatal care, and training opportunities for the next generation of providers.

our approach
to birth

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We believe that midwifery care in a birth center offers a wonderful option for birthing families who would like a happy medium between hospital birth and home birth. Our center offers all the comforts of home while also being easily accessible to both Crestwood and Huntsville hospitals, where our Certified Nurse Midwives hold delivery privileges.

We will offer amenities such as birthing tubs, essential oil diffusers, wireless Bluetooth-equipped speakers, birth swings, and queen-size beds.

We believe in giving birth back to families -- here you can birth your way, in comfort and safety.

"Birth is the epicenter of women's power."

- Ani diFranco

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