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Elisabeth Nussel

Certified Labor Doula & Social Media Manager

Elisabeth Nussel, a certified labor doula and former educator and Autism behavioral therapist, brings a wealth of experience and empathy to her work.

Originally from Wisconsin and having lived in Colorado, she is now settled in Alabama with her two spirited children aged 1 and 5.

Driven by a profound belief in the importance of compassionate support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, Elisabeth is dedicated to empowering individuals and families in their birth journeys. Her own transformative experience with a doula during her second child's birth inspired her to become a doula herself, committed to providing unwavering support, advocacy, and comfort to birthing individuals


Elisabeth is passionate about contributing to positive change in Alabama's maternal healthcare system. With a focus on improving maternal health outcomes and access to supportive care, she aims to stand alongside others, offering valuable knowledge and genuine comfort to each individual as they navigate their unique childbirth journey.

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