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Dr. Yashica Robinson

Founder & Executive Director 

Dr Yashica Robinson is a board-certified OBGYN who has provided reproductive healthcare in Alabama for over 14 years. Dr Robinson has passionately advocated for birth rights, offering birthing options that few other providers in Alabama offer including VBA2C and vaginal breech birth. In 2020, Dr Robinson brought midwifery back into the hospital setting at Crestwood Medical Center after over a decade without CNMs attending births there.


This center was borne out of Dr Robinson’s passion to see the Alabama birth community thrive in a new way. Her heart is for the center to be accessible not only to privately insured families but also to under-resourced families and those on Medicaid.

Dr. Yashica Robinson does not deliver at Alabama Birth Center (Birth Centers are staffed by Midwives), but has delivery privileges at Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood. 

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